PASTIME COMPANY is an international organization that operates five stores online and at its storefront in Denver, offers four services, and supports a non profit company to save the Rainforests.

The stores feature Native American goods, services and facilities operated by Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos, Power Tools from all major suppliers and manufacturers, Golf goods, services and facilities, a Bookstore that specializes in leisure, hobby, and craft needs, and Specialty Foods from many sources.

The services include services for the Hospitality Industry, complete Business Services for small to medium sized businesses, a Publishing company that offers everything from editorial services to printing, and a Travel company that covers everything from campgrounds to inns.

PASTIME COMPANY supports all of its activities through a series of 10 Clubs that specialize in the following areas: Native Americans, Power Tools, Golf, Books, Specialty Foods, Hospitality, Publishing, Business, Rainforests, and Travel.

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STORES [Indians] [Food] [Golf] [Bookstore] [Tools]
SERVICES [Hospitality] [Business] [Publications] [Travel]
NON PROFIT [Rainforest]


99 Kalamath Street
Denver, Colorado 80223-1549

Telephone: (303) 534-7867 Fax: 630-214-7600 Toll Free: (888)650-8665 e-mail: